1/2 Mekanik Purjör Tapa;

½ mechanical air vent is used with design radiators and towel warmer radiators to dump the temperature, which circulating in radiator. Air vents are procuced of calibrated brass and has the high resistance ability. 
Key mouth spin test : Maksimum 40Nm. 
Screw Tightening Test : Minimum 0.8Nm. Maksimum 2Nm. 
O-Ring Test: Minimum 30I/h 
Air press test: 13 Bar
Nickel coating : 3-6 Micron 
High temperature test: 120oC 
Material: DIN 17660/1191 DIN 17672/11983


Anahtar Kelimeler;

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Mekanik Purjör Tapa